Yeah, you got me: I just started this series to have an accuse for reading the Vogue on a regular basis.

My name is Hanna-Linn Hava and I am a German artist and writer.

You may visit my website, you find other art stuff over there and of course quite all of these Fashion Victim paintings; but it helps if you speak German. Because there´s a huge amount of the written word. That´s what writers do, they can not help themselves, they write. A lot. Always.

My first novel “Schneewittchens Geister” was published at 1. August 2014 by Periplaneta. Perhaps one day it is going to be translated in English. I´ll tell you.

Official website of Hanna-Linn Hava

Or you connect with me on Instagram where I share all kinds of art stuff, sketches, news, Everest live. ..


4 thoughts on “Artist

    • Merci! Ich hatte aber auch eine gute Fee mit viel Fachwissen an meiner Seite, um das alles so umzusetzen…

  1. You are very talented Hanna-Linn, your art simply travels through your work and words. Can’t wait to get a copy of your book in English! Keep the inspiration flowing.
    All the best

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